Teaching ADHD Students Part 1

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Teaching ADHD Students Level 1 Certification

This certification program is unlike any you have likely taken before. It is not offered at a university, college or by your government educational association. You will not receive an increase in pay when you complete this program. This course is not offered by your own employer. The only reason you should take this course is to increase your knowledge and understanding of how to help students diagnosed with ADHD achieve to their potential. You take this class because you are a professional and care for your students. You may also be taking this class because you are volunteering at a school, working with children diagnosed with ADHD. But because this is not part of a formal teacher training program offered at a school, you would need to present your credentials for teaching our provincial or state licensure along with our documentation to verify your qualifications to a perspective employer.

Approximate length of course: 12.0 days

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